Hotel Housekeeping Hacks




Start Big

Start with the largest task in the room – the bathroom. This room is generally the messiest and will need the most thorough cleaning. Move on to the next largest task – making the beds. This can be time consuming for one person, which is why most hotels have two people tackle a room at a time. Dusting and vacuuming should be done last since these are the least time-consuming jobs in the room.

Focus On Finishing Touches

The finishing touches in a room can make it seem much more homey and cozy for the occupants. Fluff the pillows, organize the dresser (but don’t move personal items), put items away and fold the towels with care. Open the blinds so the morning or afternoon sunlight can spotlight the newly cleaned surfaces.


Perhaps the most important of all hotel housekeeping tips is to smile. A smile is infectious and demonstrates to the hotel clients that the housekeepers are friendly and reliable. People who can trust the housekeeper are more likely to leave a tip. A smile conveys trust; this is important when you are entering a hotel guest’s personal space to clean. Even on your worst day, give everyone a big smile – it could actually make you feel better.

Organize Your Cart

Have your cart organized so cleaning supplies, towels and sheets are easily accessible. Knowing where everything is on your cart will allow you to quickly clean and arrange the room, meaning less time spent searching for supplies. Make sure to keep it organized as you move from room to room.

Safety First

It is important to know what chemicals you are working with so as to avoid any dangerous burns or fumes. This is particularly important for anyone who is pregnant. Additionally, when lifting heavy items such as a mattress, dressers or even chairs, make sure to bend and lift with your knees rather than your back to avoid injury. Lastly, carefully clean the bathroom and toilet areas, as these are hotspots for germs and bacteria. Always wear gloves and consider a mask if for more safety.

Respect Always

The last but not least of these hotel housekeeping tips involves respect. Respect the guest’s personal space and do not move or touch items that are expensive or seem sentimental or of value. Demonstrate respect by quickly and quietly cleaning the room or respecting the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the guest’s door. Respecting the guest can translate into larger tips for the housekeeper in the long run, but most importantly ensure that they have a pleasant stay.

Being a hotel housekeeper is not the most glamorous job, but it is a necessity and you can make the most of it by being a thorough cleaner and respectful person. This will translate into an easier day for you – and maybe higher tips or quick advancement.


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