How to Find the Right Tailor

How to Find the Right Tailor


Fit will make or break an entire outfit. But for the man who’s just starting to upgrade his wardrobe, and doesn’t have a reliable tailor on call already, how can you tell a good shop from a bad one?
There are a few key things to look for, so here’s the rundown for picking out a tailor that you can build a lasting relationship with!

How to Find a Tailor
Before we worry about the quality of your tailor, how do you even find one? It’s not always as easy as finding a good restaurant or tickets to a sold out show.

Where do you go to find anything these days? Whether they have a website or not (and many tailors/alterations shops don’t), most businesses are listed on Google. As long as that business’s information is out there somewhere, Google’s going to find it eventually.
This will be your handiest way to find a location, contact information, and website (if any) of your local tailors. Just type in “(your location) tailor” and also “(your location) clothing alterations” and you’re bound to find a handful of options.
The big disadvantage is that Google is still not 100% up-to-date on business listings. Depending on where you live and the information that users have submitted in your area, there may well be some long-standing tailoring businesses that the search engine hasn’t located or identified yet.

Yelp/Trip Advisor
While Google has been slowly trying to incorporate user comments into its business search results, Yelp and Trip Advisor were designed from the start to offer user feedback.
That makes it a good way to see what people are saying about businesses. If you find a tailor listed on Yelp or Trip Advisor, it can give you an idea of whether they’re worth visiting or not, based on what previous customers have said.
However, as with any review-based site, Yelp and Trip Advisor tend to be full of “squeaky wheels,” and you shouldn’t necessarily let one or two people’s bad reviews eliminate a tailor from your list of options. In general, discard the very best and the very worst reviews, and trust those more in the middle.
Personal Recommendations
Do you know someone who’s consistently well dressed? Ask him what tailor he goes to. If he’s sharp-dressed enough for you to notice, odds are he’s got one.
You can also ask your local dry cleaner— most of them will have a tailor that they partner with for repairs and referrals. Many also do work in-house, although the focus tends to be on repairs rather than alterations.
Lastly, you can ask the store where you bought the garment, or any upscale menswear store, for their recommendations. A few will have in-house tailors of their own, but most will send their customers to another local business they work with.

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