Ambassador & Smart Fashion is a multi-award winning tailor based in Bangkok for over 40 years ago with a customer base that stretches throughout the world. Ambassador & Smart Fashion always achieves the highest possible standard of personal tailoring ensuring total customer satisfaction.


We were established in 1960’s. We worked with American GI’s during Vietnam War. We had a chance to make a suit for the former Prime Minister of Thailand Dr. Arthit Urairat.


Mr. Steve from Ambassador & Smart Fashion measuring The  Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand.


With Mr. Pichai Rattakun


Mr. Bob Hope ( Actor )


Wanmuhamadnoor Matha, Speaker of the House of Representatives. President of the National Assembly


” Top Tailor of the Decade for High Quality and Excellent Performance”

Best Custom Tailoring Shop in Bangkok!!!!

Best tailoring shop in Bangkok
For bookings and inquiries:
Please call Mr Sam: +669 8793 5696
Email: Ambfa@ksc.th.com

Please visit our website: www.ambfa.com


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