Smart Fashion Bespoke Clothing Revolution

Bespoke Clothing as we all know is a luxury that is easily afforded by the people who matters. Not only does it fit perfectly, it helps in volume out the personality of the wearer as well. That’s why you never see George Clooney to wear a suit that would make him look like Anthony Hopkins or Jack Nicholson for that matter.

But when it comes to people like us, bespoke clothing is an expensive dream. With the market flooded with ill fitted clothes that are priced at down to earth prices and inflation rising steeply each year, why indulge in such a luxury even if it would help in enhancing our image?

However what if there is another option for owning bespoke clothing at a price that is even less than quarter of what you get from Saville Row Tailor? Yes, this is a fact and not any bluff. Well, welcome to Ambassador & Smart Fashion.

Thailand leading bespoke tailor bring you suits ranging from finest fabrics imported from all over the world at an unbelievable affordable prices.

Some Fabrics:

  • Wool Cashmere grades ( 120’s, 130’s, 150’s, and 180’s )


  • Wool and Silk


  • Egyptian Cotton


  • Italian Cotton


  • Swiss Cotton


  • World Famous ” Sea Islander Cotton “


  • Irish Linens


  • Thai Silk


And many more…..

Our showroom is located conveniently in the center of Sukhumvit Road, houses thousands of fabrics and styles from world’s leading fashion houses.

Smart Fashion is also a specialist in Italian and English cuts which make what they want whether it be a trendy suit or a conservative one.

However the best thing that Ambassador & Smart Fashion offer is their meticuluous workmanship. Every suit is properly stitched with attention paid to even the minute details. On top of that the suits are doubly checked before they are packed and delivered to you. That’s why it comes to no surprise that they have been awarded as ” Best tailor of member of a popular boy band, C21 and lots of other dignitaries.

Best Tailor Recommendation! Ambassador & Smart Fashion!

If you are in Bangkok, just pick up the phone and call them for a free pick up service from anywhere in the City. This is to avoid you being cheated by the taxi drivers whisking you off to other establishments.

For bookings and inquiries:
Call Mr Sam: +669 8793 5696

Please visit our website:


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