Shopping In town

Avoid guides or tuk-tuk drivers offering to take you to a particular tailor. Tailor shops who employ agents usually overcharge customers to cover for these agent’s commission. They may even qoute you a price that may seem reasonable but shortchange you in workmanship or fabric quality.

Also, allow sufficient time to refitting. If possible, place your order right after your arrival and have it delivered days before your departure. This way changes can be made promptly should there be any problem.


Though many tailors prefer cash ( and many accept cash only) see if you can pay with a credit card since it offers protection if there are problems once your back home.

Be sure to write down your tailor’s email address, if your has one. Or take a card. So if problem arise, you won’t be forced to make overseas phone calls from home.


Mr. Sam (red polo) and Mr. Paul ( red stripe ) with customer.

What if things don’t go as planned? Many tailors who serve English speaking tourists and expats are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. To check profiles of the companies go to and click the “Company Directory” bar ( not ” Find a Member ” ) which requires a member and password.

But what if your tailored dress or suit is never delivered, or falls apart after a few wearings? Of course, ask your tailor to have it replaced or redone.


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