A Case for Custom Tailor

As any sartorial expert would tell you, if your waist is eight inches or so smaller than your chest, you can wear just about any style from jeans to multiple pleats.


Such  a body shape , of course, is rare. So, for most of us with less than  – ideal size and shape, the difference between looking our best or worst is a matter of fabric, design, construction and fit. Simply put, off the peg clothes aren’t for us. Since they are generally made to fit all, they hardly fit anyone perfectly unlike made to measure attire.


True, custom tailored wear cost a little more than ready to wear items. But a quality lifestyle, as always comes with a price. To Western tourists, custom-tailored clothes could be their best buy in Thailand. Normally, the cost here is one-third or one-half of what you’d pay in Europe or North America for the same item.

A few things to remember though. As in any industry, it has bad egg in its ranks and one has to be extra careful when choosing a custom tailor. Most tailors, for instance offer a perennial promos. So, the rule of thumb is if certainly is and should be avoided. Be wary about shops using names that sound like Versace, Hugo Boss, Armani, Valentino, Balenciaga, Dior, Calvin Klein and the like. If they have no compunction about intellectual piracy, theres no telling they would be honest in dealing with their customers.



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