Smart Dressers chooses Smart Fashion

Ambassador & Smart Fashion, the experts in custom tailoring for over 40 years makes the clothes that fit but also gives a distinctive touch of smartness.


” We have the widest assortment of high quality materials and an extensive range of styles, cuts and designs to cater all kinds of taste and budgets’ says Khun Sam, the shop’s proprietor. ” Even so, if customers would like to design their own clothes, we can give advice and do the fabric purchasing.

Khun Sam is an amiable man who constantly focus on the excellent quality, meticulous craftsmanship and scrupulous details. ” We also work hard to keep the prices competitive without compromising the high quality,” Khun Sam adds.

Proof is the many awards it has received, including ” Best Outfitters and Drapers” for 1995-1996, ” Tailor of the year” award and many others.

By the way, Ambassador & Smart fashion has a promo offer you can’t resist for this Valentines Day:


Get your Valentine SUITS NOW for your Valentines Date


The shop records all clothing sizes and specifications in the company database for 5 years, so you can order by fax or e-mail.

Visit Ambassador & Smart Fashion at Sukhumvit Soi 11.or call  Mr Sam: +669 8793 5696.


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