5 Wardrobe Essentials

Shopping for your wadrobe can be quite overwhelming when you’re unsure of what you actually need to buy. The key to building a great wardrobe starts with having a few essential pieces and branching out from those pieces to expand your wardrobe. Today, I’ll tell you about the 5 wardrobe essentials needed to build a great wardrobe.

  1. Well Fitting Jeans: Who would’ve that something as basic as jeans would be the key to a great wardrobe? Well not just any jeans, but great fitting ones. Wearing ill-fiiting jeans can give you an overall sloppy appearance, no matter how expensive the jeans you’re wearing are. Wearing jeans that fit properly can upgrade your outfit, giving you a polished, well-put together look. Going to a tailor can ensure you get clothes that truly fit you.20
  2. Sharp Suit: No matter who you are, having a suit is essential to having a great wardrobe. Whether it’s for a wedding or an interview, wearing a suit is the key to leaving a postive first impression. A suit is the ultimate power outfit that oozes confidence and control. Getting your suit tailored at Ambassador & Smart Fashion can ensure you look your absolute best.


3.  Structured Leather Jacket: A structured leather jacket is the little black dress of outerwear. Classic, yet edgy, and absolutely essential. A leather jacket can be worn with basically anything, from denim shorts –  for a casual look, to fancy trousers – to give your look the edge that it needs. Again, getting your leather jacket fitted at a tailor is the key to ensuring a fit that suits you.




4. Statement Sunglasses: Man or woman, statement sunglasses are the ultimate accessory to top of your look. Whether you prefer the classic vibe of aviators or want to go for more of a contemproary shape, statement sunglasses are a wardrobe staple that’s both fun and functional.




5.Well Fitted Shirt: Again, why would something so simple make the list as an essential to having a great wardrobe? Because, again, it’s not just any shirt that makes a key piece, but a great fitting one. You want to wear a shirt that is customized for you. Not in just size alone, but in style too. Having classic clothing that expresses you and your unique personal style is what  building a great wardrobe is all about. You can design your perfect shirt at Ideal Shirts and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.





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