Bespoke is Better

1C99A9F8-966B-4555-ADC2-66816A03EFBD.jpegSure, you know about custom tailored clothing but you may be wondering why you should choose bespoke over ready-made clothing. Here I list the top reasons why bespoke is better:

Anyone who wants to look good knows how FIT means everything. Fit is the key to showing off your body in the most flattering way. A flattering look is the core goal of custom made clothing. Bespoke clothing uses your personal measurements to provide a look of ease and comfort with style. When your clothes fit well, you feel even better.

With off-the-rack stuff, quality is never the priority. Off-the-rack clothing often uses the cheapest fabrics that will fall apart as quickly as they’re made. Tailored clothing however goes through the hands of professionals who scrutinize every detail. With bespoke clothing, the details are what matters most and quality fabrics are the key to quality clothing

When you choose to go the custom route, can select better fabrics – cotton, wool, artificial fibers, blended natural fibers, silk, etc. – before the process even begins. This gives you a big advantage, getting you the perfect clothing that suits your environment. With quality fabrics your clothes last longer, and who doesn’t want that?

There’s a limit to how much “you” is reflected in ready-to-buy clothes. But custom made clothing allows you to truly express your individuality.

When you work with bespoke tailors, your input is very important. There’s a good amount of collaboration in which you influence the final product. You get to choose everything from the fabric, to the color, to the fit of your clothes. In other words, you get to be creative.

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